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Raw plant-based, vegan cake

Raw Cakes


What are raw cakes?

Raw cakes make a great alternative for vegans, people eating a plant-based diet or people avoiding gluten or/and dairy, or in fact anyone who likes delicious desserts!.  Raw cakes are free from processed ingredients, are packed with superfoods and are made only from natural, plant-based, whole foods.  Therefore, raw cakes retain their nutrients, so not only do you get to eat cake but it's good for you too!

Every cake I make is made with wholesome, nutritious ingredients and handcrafted from scratch, even the chocolate.  Nuts and seeds are sprouted and activated for optimal nutrient absorption.  Only natural sweeteners are used - fresh fruit, dates, maple syrup and coconut sugar. The sweeteners used have a low glycemic index, allowing blood sugars to remain stable.  

Diabetic, Keto and nut-free diets can be accommodated, please send me a message if you have any special requirements and I will provide some delicious options to cater for your needs.  

How do I store raw cakes?

Raw cakes should be kept refrigerated, please remove the cake 30-45 minutes before cutting.  For outdoor events, please keep it refrigerated as long as possible.  You can store leftovers in the fridge for five to seven days, or please cut into slices, cover and freeze for up to two months.

When should I place my order?

Orders must be made at least three days in advance from the date you would like the cake to be collected/delivered, but I recommend orders to be placed as soon as you know your event date.  Custom orders must be placed at least two weeks in advance.

All sales are final and must be paid in full.  Returns are not accepted and refunds are not available.  Any alterations to custom orders must be given in writing at least seven days prior to collection/delivery.

How do I collect my cake?

Details for collection will be provided once the order is placed, or delivery is available.  A delivery fee may apply, depending on the location.



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